Friends club of Robert Genin

Robert Genin did not pay much attention to conservation of his works. Some of them he destroyed by his own hands, many were lost during the Second World War. Those works which survived, are widely spread in the world. The Friends club of Robert Genin is collecting information on these works in order to include them into the monograph and the catalogue-raisonné. The private collectors who possess works by Genin are welcome to provide those descriptions. Any additional information on the biography of Robert Genin is also appreciated.

Tasks of the Friends club

  • Investigation of the work and biography of Robert Genin
  • Publications on his work, including a monograph and the catalogue-raisonné
  • Organization of exhibitions
  • Attribution of Genin's works and consulting of museums, art historians und art collectors

Members of the Friends club of Robert Genin

  • Ralph Jentsch, art historian (Germany)
  • Alexej Rodionov, art historian, art collector (Russia); administration
  • Gerhard Genin, artist's grandson (Germany)
  • Dmitry Severukhin, art historian (Russia)
  • Bernd Fäthke, art historian (Germany)
  • Liudmila Khmelnitskaya, art historian (Belarus)
  • Kristiane Janeke, historian (Germany)
  • Tatiana Bembel, art historian (Belarus)
  • Jutta MacConnell, art collector (Germany)

Contact the Friends club

For all matters please use the following address:
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