Robert Genin (1884-1941)


2021-02-11: Online available (in German or in Russian) are five articles from the exhibition catalogue Schloßmuseum Murnau, 2019
2019-03-30: The exhibition "Robert Genin (1884-1941). Russian Expressionist in München" in Schloßmuseum Murnau was opened on 27th March and will work until 30th June.   
2019-03-27: On that day a retrospective exhibition of Robert Genin will be opened at Schloßmuseum Murnau. His works of all time periods and in all techniques (painting, pastel drawings, prints) will come together from museums and private collections. This is the first time such show will take place. A comprehensive catalogue is in preparation in German and Russian languages   
2018-09-20:Exibition "Masters of Montparnasse from Belorussian Shtetlekh" was opened at the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk). The art of Robert Genin is presented by the large-format lithographic series "Die Frau. 11 Kriegsblätter" (1915). A catalogue (in Russian language) is published   
2018-03-27: A chronicle dated Spring 1939 with the still visible fresco by Robert Genin at VSKhV has been discovered thanks to Fedot Pukhlow, Moscow
2017-10-04 until 2017-11-26: "Académie de Vilna - Vilnius Drawing School (1866-1915)". Exhibition at the National Gallery Of Art, Vilnius. Robert Genin, who was a student at the Vilna Drawing School in years 1898-1900, is represented by 7 works. A catalogue is published   
2017-09-05 until 2018-03-04: "Russen". Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Basel. From the collection Im Obersteg - works of Alexej Jawlensky, Marianne Werefkin, Wassily Kandinsky, Chaïm Soutine and Robert Genin, who is represented by paintings, drawings and prints.   
2017-01-17: Exhibition opening at Bank Schilling in Wiesbaden - "Robert Genin and his surroundings - paintings of expressionism"   
2016-10-20: Almanac "Vestnik Istorii, Literatury, Iskusstva", 2016 (v. 11) is appeared with an article by A. Rodionov in Russian "Robert Genin (1884-1941). The Last Years of the Artist (Based on Moscow Archives Materials)".   
2016-10-08: A set of police forms concerning registration of Genin during the period 1903-1918 has been found in the City Archive of Munich (thanks to Matthias Röth, Archivoberinspektor). A lot of previously unknown information is contained there, e.g. the name of the artist’s mother (Malka Genin born Ster), as well as numberous addresses which Genin has changed in Munich.
2016-07-17: The last issue of "Santara" magazine (Vilnius) published an article by A. Rodionov: "Robert Genin, a pupil of the Drawing School in Vilna in years 1898-1900" (translated into Byelorussian).
2016-07-03: An exposition photo of the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö (1914) discovered. From left to right: three paintings by Bechtejeff, three paintings by Genin, three paintings by Kandinsky, including "Composition VI".
2016-06-10: A photo of the fresco finally found (thanks to Pavel Nefedov, Moscow), which Genin made in autumn 1938 for the pavilion "Sovkhozes" of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSKhV). During the construction the pavilion was renamed, the fresco was destroyed.
Robert Genin (born 11. August 1884 in Vysokoye near Klimovichi in the region of Mogilev; died 16. August 1941 in Moscow) was an artist, who lived in Russian Empire, Germany, France, Switzerland and the USSR.

The works of Robert Genin are widely spread. His Friends club investigates his heritage in order to prepare publishing a monograph and the catalogue-raisonné. The private collectors are welcome to contribute with descriptions of the works they possess. Any additional information on the biography of Robert Genin is also appreciated.
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